Unicorn | $12.75

Delicious strawberry shake made with Hershey’s strawberry ice cream, topped with all sorts of 
yummy goodness! Unicorn cupcake, lollipops, cotton candy, fantasy sprinkles and rock candy!

Cookie Monster | $12.75

Milk and Cookies Shake topped with an adorable cookie dough cupcake, scoop of 
edible cookie dough, surrounded by whipped cream, cookies, cookies and more cookies!

Mermaid | $12.75

Birthday Cake Shake, topped with a mermazing cupcake, rock candy, lollipops, edible glitter, and salt water taffy.

Batter Up | $12.75

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Lovers Dream! Made with Better Brownie Batter ice cream 
topped with a homemade brownie, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Reese’s pieces, 
Reese’s peanut butter cupcake and chocolate peanut butter drizzle.

Chocolate Junk Yard | $12.75

Rich chocolate shake, surrounded by whipped cream, M&M’s, Oreo’s, Brownie Crumbles, 
Chocolate Wafers, Homemade, Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, Mini Chocolate Cupcake, 
Chocolate Sprinkles and Mini Candy Bars, and anything else chocolate we can find!

NYNY | $12.75
Delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Shake, vanilla and graham cracker rim, topped with a slice 
of real NY Style Cheesecake, graham crackers, fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

S’mores| $12.75
Rich, thick chocolate shake topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream surrounded by whipped cream, 
graham crackers, graham cracker crumbles, mini chocolate bars, premium chocolate 
and caramel sauce and 2 toasted marshmallows! Marshmallows are toasted on the spot!

Hulk | $12.75
Minty Mint Chip Shake topped with a scoop of chocolate ice cream surrounded by 
whipped cream, mint cookies, mint candies, mint ice cream sandwich made with 
homemade chocolate cookies, drizzled with chocolate sauce. 

Coffee Break | $12.75
Cappuccino Crunch Ice cream topped with a chocolate doughnut, chocolate creme wafer, 
chocolate covered coffee beans, crushed Oreos and chocolate drizzle.

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